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Buying Property for Retreat Centre

OVBF is looking for property around Oslo, which is suitable for a future retreat center. We are looking for those who want to sell a property, and people who can give us a lead, advice or help.

Read more about the property we are looking for, at this info page.

We are looking for a property west, north or east of Oslo - in a relatively rural environment, preferably with a border to an outdoor area, which provides an important supportive function for a retreat center. The property may have some buildings, possibly a guest house that can be refurbished and renewed.

The property must be large enough for a bigger center, as well as a buffer zone around the retreat center, as protection against noise. So depending on the location of the property, the property should be a minimum of 50 dekar, but preferably larger.

Contact us at or contact our committee members on this info page.

Meditation, teachings, Q/A

Tema for torsdag 19. mai: (not yet decided)

We are running a weekly meditation via Zoom Thursdays 7.30pm to 9pm.

First a short intro, then meditation approx. 30 min, then some teachings about a predetermined topic, and finally there will be an opportunity to ask questions in general or about the evening's topic.

The topic of the teachings will be announced on the front page early Thursday.

If you want a specific topic for Thursday's guidance, then send an email to before Thursday - and your request can and will be considered. You can also send a question to in advance regarding the evening's topic.

The leader of the event is Ajahn Nitho, and everything will take place in Norwegian language. More info at this page.

Link to Zoom meeting

Møte-ID: 969 2659 1475, og passordet er: torsdag

We recommend connecting from a PC or smartphone, but you can also make a phone call, if you wish, to the number:

+47 2400 4736 Norway
+47 2400 4735 Norway

The Day of Religion

Den 21. mai kl. 12, arrangeres Religionens dag i Urtehagen på Grønland. Denne dagen blir parken fylt med stands fra forskjellige tradisjoner – mer info på at this Facebook page.

Vesak 2022

OVBF feirer Vesak sammen med Buddhistforbundet i den 15. mai 2022, kl 16:00, på Karma Tashi Ling, og Ajahn Nitho er invitert til å gi en dharma tale. Buddhistforbundet skriver:

Vesak er buddhismens viktigste høytid og markeres hvert år på fullmånedagen i mai.

I år finner høytiden sted 15. mai.

Buddhistforbundet markerer høytiden med en felles feiring søndag 15. mai kl. 16:00 – 19:00 i tempelet på Karma Tashi Ling buddhistsenter, Bjørnåsveien 124 i Oslo.

Vi legger opp til en større markering med buddhistisk praksis med deltakelse fra de forskjellige buddhistiske tradisjonene som er representert i Buddhistforbundet samt rituell bading av Buddha. Feiringen inkluderer også buddhistisk sang, resitasjon og tekstlesning. Vi avslutter med servering av mat m/ frukt og kaker og hyggelig samvær i underetasjen og hagen rundt tempelet (dersom været blir fint).

Dharma-tale blir i år ved munken Ajahn Nitho. Resitasjon blir ledet av munker fra thailandsk og burmesisk tempel og munker fra vietnamesisk buddhisttempel. Lama Changchub fra Karma Tashi Ling leder meditasjon på Buddha og mantra-resitasjon.

Vi ønsker alle velkommen til en inspirerende markering av Buddhas fødsel, oppvåkning og parinirvana.

Med vennlig hilsen
Buddhistforbundets høytidskomité

Weekend Retreat with Ajahn Brahmali

The most senior Norwegian monk, Ajahn Brahmali, comes to Norway in June to inspire and teach. He has a been training for 25 years at BSWA (Buddhist Society of Western Australia) under Ajahn Brahm, and belongs, just like The Buddhist Society of Oslo and Viken, to the forest tradition that grew up around Ajahn Chah.

He has been invited to lead a weekend retreat with plenty of time for meditation - and we have asked him to pick teachings of the Buddha, that can give us more wisdom to handle our surroundings for the future - a fading pandemic, a changing environment and war in Ukraine.

More about the retreat on this page.

Mountain Retreat Summer 2022

There will be a four week mountain retreat, mainly in Norwegian language, during the Norwegian summer 2022. Participants can sign up for a period of their choice. The retreat is close to nature, affordable and open to people from different meditation traditions, who seek a supportive environment for their own practice and inspiration. Read more in Norwegian language on this page.


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Weekend retreat i Nordland

Ajahn Nitho with his assistant at the weekend retreat in Nordland 7th of May 2022. See our blog.

Weekend Course in Sandvika

On the weekend of April 30 and May 1, OVBF completed a pilot project - our first weekend course in meditation and Buddhism. 26 people signed up, and we rented premises at Pranahuset in Sandvika, Bærum. More info in our blog.

Skogsholmen Winter Retreat

The Skogsholmen Winter Retreat is now finished - inspiring development and experiences of beautiful minds, despite practical challenges and covid. See the pictures on this page.

Together in silence

The newspaper Helgeland Blad came to visit, after OVBF was invited to Nordland, to support and inspire meditation and wisdom. Read more here.

Ajahn Brahm retreat i Norge

Ajahn Brahm from BSWA, Ajahn Nithos mentor og leder, kommer til Norge for å arrangere et retreat. Dato er nå satt til 25. – 27. november 2022, og blir arrangert i eller nært Oslo.

It is not yet possible to sign up for this retreat, but in due time, we will announce from which date you can sign up. Please, sign up for the our newsletter , if you want to be informed.

See this page for more information.

Just as the ocean has only one taste - the taste of salt, so have my teachings only one taste - the taste of freedom.

The Buddha

Photo: Top – Harryarts, Retreat Centre – Spirit Rock California