AB & Canda in Oslo – Nov 2022

During the committee meeting 11th of May, we made the following suggestion for the Ajahn Brahm and Ayya Canda visit in November 2022:

  • The committee wish to meet Ajahn Brahm, the first day he is arriving in Norway. Maybe Friday afternoon?
  • Then Friday evening, start a 3 days weekend retreat, Friday – Monday, in a location near Oslo, during which the teachers and retreatants sleep at the center. Example of location can be Kleivstua.
  • Tuesday daytime, a talk at the University of Oslo – the topic maybe Buddhism and Gender Equality, but we are working with UiO (University of Oslo) now…
  • Tuesday evening, Ajahn Brahm and Ayya Canda event at Litteraturhuset, in Oslo City. The topic is Gender Equality in Buddhism, giving women the same possibilities as men. Talk by Ajahn Brahm, and Ayya Canda talking about her first hand experience in Europe. Ajahn Brahm and Ayya Canda decide on the format themselves.
  • Wednesday at daytime is open, maybe an opportunity for Ajahn Nitho to talk to Ajahn Brahm about OVBF business.
  • Wednesday evening, we wish to create a deep dhamma event. We wish to invite people we know are central in Theravada Buddhism in Norway, and focus on a few central questions, which set OVBF apart, and of which gender equality is only one topic. Wishing to stand close to the teachings of the Buddha, and the teachings of Ajahn Chah/Brahm which is overlapping, there are conflicting ideas in Norway – that we wish to highlight.
  • And the committee might wish to meet Ajahn Brahm again before his deptarture.